IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

In many countries today, crime novels and TV crime dramas are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think these books and TV shows are popular? What is your opinion of crime fiction and TV crime dramas?

There is no doubt that crime novels and TV crime serials have seen a tremendous increase in popularity throughout the globe. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the cause of this increased fame and its effects on society. I believe that these types of novels and TV dramas must be regulated or their viewing should be reserved only for the adult population.
One of the main reasons for the high popularity of these crime novels and T.V. shows is the depiction of violence and crime scenes. This is because most of the audience are law-abiding citizens who would most probably never see any sort of major violence or criminal behavior in their lives, For instance, a highly-rated T.V. show displayed how a particular crime was carried out. All these activities are foreign to most of the viewers and thus stimulates interest and curiosity among the people. This causes huge demand for crime novels and T.V. dramas.
In my view, these shows often portray an unhealthy level of criminal behaviour and violence and their unhindered distribution is dangerous for our society. They tend to glorify heinous acts such as murders, robbery, and crimes against women, ,making the children and weak minded as their soft targets who may start appreciating and following these activities. For example, there have been multiple documented cases of primary school children took harmful actions on their fellow classmates. It is therefore crucial to either mellow down the contents of these novels and television productions or restricts their viewership to able-minded adults.
In conclusion, the major cause of the high popularity of crime novels and television soaps is their depiction of an unknown criminal world to the general law-abiding masses and in my view, these can become highly graphic and impact the minds of the weaker members of our society. Therefore, a limitation on the access and content of these dramas and novels must be imposed.
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September 11, 2020
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