IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

It has been noted that many people who had a big impact on the world gave themselves completely to their work and did not bother with the idea of “work-life balance”. To what extent should people try to have a good work-life balance

Many people who have had huge influences on our world have completely devoted their lives to work and have no concerns about work-life balance. I believe that having this balance is extremely important for everyone because it benefits not only the individuals involved but for society as well.

The main reason why many dedicate their entire lives to work is that they are motivated and desire to achieve certain goals. Some prefer indulging in a noble cause whereas others have more central needs such as becoming a millionaire or billionaire. Therefore, to achieve these, they spend most of their time working which consequently affects their own lives at personal levels. Such individuals may not be able to build relationships with their families and often suffer from illnesses related to stress and their lack of involvement creates a fragmented society. For example, most of the richest people today have several failed marriage and despite being rich, they are unable to live happily. These problems might not have arisen if someone had put effort to manage his or her personal life with professional life.

In contrast, those who spare time to enjoy their personal lives benefit in many ways compared to others who do not. Firstly, they are less stressful and activities that they can do in their free time significantly reduce many health-related problems. Secondly, they generally have better relations with their families, who support them in all difficult situations, sometimes financially as well emotionally. Thirdly, as they have less failed relationships, society as a whole becomes less fragmented, and therefore, striking a work-life balance is essential for every individual.

In conclusion, people who are more focused on their work rather than personal life tend to have health and family issues, even though they have had bigger impacts on the world. Every individual needs to find ways to manage his or her work life more effectively.

Estimated Band Score-6.5

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August 21, 2020
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