IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

Many people work long hours, leaving very little time for leisure activities. Does this situation have more advantages of more disadvantages?

In the modern era, a vast proportion of people often work unnecessarily long hours to accomplish their tasks at the cost of leisure and family time. There are numerous pros and cons towards long hours in the office, however, there are more disadvantages and two of the key points are explained in the below essay.
Firstly, work is an aspect of life that can never be accomplished despite the long hours. This is because as soon as one task is finished, the next one is already following it. an individual needs to be smart enough to understand that he or she has done sufficient work for the day and the remainder of the time is meant for his or her family and children. Consider the work-life imbalance in Japan, this country is a classical example to illustrate this scenario. Most of the younger workforce often tend to stay overtime simply because they need to impress their managers and this results in absolutely no time for their personal use. This stands out as a negative point towards the nation’s work-life culture.
Secondly, having the appropriate time off from office can improve work productivity. This has been proven by scientific research and also experimented in several European countries. Countries such as Finland and Denmark have even implemented the switch from 5 working days to 4, to increase the people’s efficiency. Furthermore, besides productivity, time off also aids in the improvement of the person’s mental health. A healthy mind is a fit mind and ultimately, this leads to more work being accomplished. Is this not what the goal of long hours was trying to achieve?
In conclusion, having worked extra time does not have any major merit, instead, it has quite a few demerits. Long hours do not result in completing the work as work itself never finishes. Moreover, not only does it limit the relaxation time of the person but it also reduces their output.

Estimated Band Score-6.5

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August 27, 2020
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