IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

Modern lifestyles make it hard for people to lead active and healthy lives. Why is this the case? What governments and large companies should do to help people do excise?

An active and healthy lifestyle is getting less common in modern-day society. While several reasons contribute to our current lifestyle, Government and larger corporations can contribute to solving some of the problems.  
One of the main reasons for people not leading a healthy life is lack of time. This is very common in large urban cities where most people live. A lot of people spent over an hour each way for the work commute. With an average 8-hour work shift and two hours total commute, it leaves little time on people’s plates to spend on exercise. Although some people forgo the exercise routine and try to eat healthily, it is not always easy. Healthy 
foods are getting quite expensive, for example, quinoa is 6 to 10 times more expensive than regular white rice, Olive oils are 3 times more expensive than vegetable oils. 
Government and large organizations can mitigate these roadblocks described above. They can encourage people to work from home, which would leave enough spare time in people’s hands to spend on exercise. Some organizations provide healthy food for their employees, free of cost. 
Gym membership and other outdoor activities should be subsidized by both corporations and governments. 
The government needs to make sure that people can feel safe enough to go for a run or outdoor workout. 
In conclusion, although ultimately it’s up to the person to lead a healthy life, a nudge from the government and workplace would go a long way to make us motivated in living a healthy life. 


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September 17, 2020
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