IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

People should be allowed continue to work for as long as they want to, and not to be forced to retire at a particular such as 60 or 65. Do you agree or disagree?

Some argue that people should have the right to continue work until they are willing, regardless of age. Others believe retirement at a certain age is necessary. I support the notion that the retirement of an individual should depend on his/her profession.
To commence with, some professions that require a high level of experience such as doctors and engineers must work according to their desire. To acquire all the theoretical and practical skills in these fields, one must be patient and determined. Consequently, a middle-age man will have more experience and skills as compared to a male in his twenties. Hence, if these professions will have a definite retirement age of 60 or so, it can reduce the chances of deserving individuals from using their wide knowledge that can save a million lives.
On the other hand, some professions need young minds as they can be better in adapting to the changing environment and can also come up with creative ideas or strategies. For instance, an individual in an army should retire at certain set age as one loses strength and precision when he/she gets older. Similarly, a young cop will be better at catching criminals as he can easily adapt to the new strategies and training provided in the profession. Thus, fields which need both mental and physical fitness requires a definite retirement age.
In conclusion, I believe that similar retirement age should not be implemented for all professions. The ones which require extensive working hours experience must carry on working while those which demand physical and mental activity can have a fixed age to leave from their work.
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September 17, 2020
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