Some people believe that sport is an essential part of school life for children, While others feel it should be purely optional. Discuss these opposing views and give your own opinion.

It is considered by many that sport must be an integral part of the school curriculum, while others contradict and believe that it must not be compulsory. In my opinion, physical education class can benefit students in several ways, hence should be mandatory in schools.
Firstly, a dedicated time for sports inculcate the habit of regular physical exercise in them and also teaches them team skills. For example, as per a survey published by a leading newspaper in India, whoever had been involved in sports from a very young age had a higher chance of taking up a leadership role in the future. Therefore, in this way, the art of communication and collaboration, along with the need for fitness is well understood by them right from their childhood.
However, making it compulsory can be stressful for those who are introverted and not good at games. Having to participate in something against their will can adversely affect their mental status, which may result in loss of focus and deterioration in educational performance. For instance, it is illegal to force a child to participate in any activity without consent in many European countries for many years now as it may have a detrimental effect on them. Therefore this is one downside that cannot be ignored.
In conclusion, according to me, if youngsters are not given an option when it comes to participation in sports, they can be immensely benefitted. Additionally, schools can make an exception for kids who are suffering from mental health issues and can support them to develop differently.

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August 26, 2020
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