IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

Some people say that the main way to be happy in life is to have a lot of money. How might having a lot of money make people happy? What other things in life can make people happy?

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It is considered by many that money is one of the most crucial elements that contribute towards happiness. Although money fulfills people’s needs and desires, and help to lead a happy living, I think the other aspects such as spending time with family and friends or doing the things that they are passionate about also create happiness in people’s life.
Money indeed brings happiness to people’s life because it enables people to spend on things that they want. In other words, some people find happiness in materialistic possessions like luxury homes, state-of the-art gadgets, designer clothes and so on. Owning these provides them a sense of happiness. So, if people are wealthy, they can spend on these pleasures and feel elated which may not be possible otherwise. The life of celebrities and top businesspeople, for example, are more joyful because they own a lot of money and can buy whatever they desire. The more money you own, the happier your life will be.

However, apart from money  there are other ways by which people can seek happiness in their life. One of them is through following their passion. If a person gets involved in a work that they are passionate about, then they might enjoy the work instead of feeling bored. This creates a joyful and enthusiastic work life which inevitably gives them a sense of satisfaction and contentment. For instance, lesser-known artist, earn less money but feel satisfied and happy as they are doing the job that they are interested in.

Another point influencing happiness is spending time with family and friends. People are most likely to have happy moments and forget their problems and tensions, when they spend time with the closed  one’s . These moments  for example, having a dinner  with family after a tiring day at the office, playing with the children in the evening or having a chat with friends help people to rejuvenate from their routine, reduces  stress and anxiety  making them more energetic and relaxed and in turn happier.

In conclusion, while certainly money can buy things that people desire and help to lead a delightful life, pursuing their passion and spending time with close ones can also bring happiness in people’s lives.

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