IELTS Writing Task 2(Sample Answer)

The gap between rich and poor growing.What problem does it create? And what can be done to tackle them?

The space between the affluent and the needy has been increasing significantly over the years. The main problem caused by this phenomenon is an increase in the crime rate free education by the government is the most viable option.
The most pressing issue caused by income disparity is the growth in crime amongst the masses. There are millions of families around the world, especially in developing countries, whose source of subsistence is abysmal daily wages. If individuals from these groups watch a privileged segment of the population get richer, while being unable to prosper in their own careers and provide a healthy life for their young ones, they are likely to turn to ‘get-rich-quick’ methods, such as theft to meet their needs. For instance, Lebanon has seen a recent spike in its crime rate, owing to the gap between the rich and poor which has widened due to economic instability.
A pragmatic solution to this concern lies in education. Governments of countries dealing with this issue must provide free schooling and encourage the marginalised to send their children there. As these children get older and acquire specialised skills, they can get jobs that pay well and climb their way out of poverty to a decent standard of living. In India for example, primary and secondary education for the girl child is free throughout the country in Government schools.
All things considered, the challenges created by drastic income disparity pose dire consequences that impact social safety. These can be circumvented by more ownership in the field of free education taken by the ‘haves’ to provide for the ‘have nots’.

Estimated Band Score-6.5

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August 24, 2020
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