IELTS Writing Task 1(Sample Answer)

 There have been some problems with public transport in your area recently. write a letter to the manager of the public transport company. In your letter

  •  Describe the problems

  •  explain how these problems are affecting the public

  •  suggesting what changes could be made

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing this letter to inform you about the chain of problems happening in the domain of public transport.  I have been a commuter who is utilizing public transport daily. Last week, many buses were broken, and because of foreign sanctions, they have not been added to the routes yet.
What must be worth mentioning is the number of passengers who benefit from public transit. To be more accurate, as almost all strata of our society use buses, it has been a little bit demanding to take them. In addition, owing to the outbreak of contagious plagues, every single bus carries a specific number of people. As a consequence, people have to wait for a long time to take a bus.
If I may suggest some ways to settle the problems, I think the government could burgeon the rest of the forms of public transport. Subway has been believed to carry a considerable number of people and it is going to be a good choice. Together with this, taxis and private cars should be encouraged to be actively used. These measures can alter the method of transportation. Only in this way problems can be tackled in an effective way.
 I would appreciate your attention to this important matter.
Yours faithfully,

Estimated Band Score-6.5

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August 17, 2020
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