IELTS Writing Task 1(Sample Answer)

You have attended a series of English language lessons in a school. However, the quality of those lessons was poor. Write a letter to the head of that school and

Describe why took the lessons

Why you think the quality was poor

Give suggestions for improvement

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have attended a couple of  English lessons at your school, but I regret to say that I have been completely unsatisfied with the quality of education provided.
I had been told that the school offers advanced English learning courses. Since I was planning to study in Canada for my four-year post-graduate degree, I wanted to improve my writing and communication skills through these lessons. However, I am extremely disappointed to say that there has not been any progress in my English level even though I have taken four classes so far.
In my opinion, the course-material that your institute has been using is of intermediate level. Much of the material is designed to improve basic English grammar and is appropriate to learn high-level English. Also, the teaching methods do not involve any practical knowledge, instead, the teacher just reads the written material in the books without any proper explanation.
I suggest that you should adopt a better approach to teaching. The inclusion of advanced material and the introduction of some practical methods of teaching would be greatly beneficial for all the students.
I hope you would consider my suggestions.
Yours faithfully,
Tom Richard

Estimated Band Score-6.5

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September 3, 2020
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