Topic 7-Describe An Advertisement That You Don’t Like.

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Topic 7-

Describe An Advertisement That You Don’t Like.

– When did you see it? 

– What is it about?

– Where you saw it/how you came to know about it?

– Why you didn’t like it.


Although advertising aims to create awareness regarding various products and services, only some advertisements exhibit false information. One such ad is worth mentioning.

When did you see it?

I saw it last month while watching a movie on a TV Channel.

What is it about?

The advertisement is about fruit juice which comes in a tetra pack.

Where you saw it/how you came to know about it?

I saw it at home for the first time, and now I see it regularly because it comes in the middle of any TV program I watch.

Why didn’t you like it?

I was not fond of this advertisement because it depicted false information. There is no denying this conviction that fruits are good for us, but we consume fruit juice, it has fewer nutrients.

So the nutritional value of a fruit declines when we convert it into juice. Moreover, it further decreases when we add preservatives to store it for extended periods. And to maintain the sweetness of the liquid, the companies add artificial sweeteners.

Now my problem with that advertisement is that it exaggerates the benefits of juice which is detrimental to our health. It is a truth that consuming sugar in large quantities harms our health, and the juice prompted through the advertisement has eight spoons of sugar inside it.

Many people consume these juices with the view that they are suitable for their health, but the reality is different. And by advertising such unhealthy products, the companies are playing with the lives of innocent people.

Due to these reasons, I did not liked that advertisement.


Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Why do some people hate advertisements?

Advertisements annoy people in between the program and some advertising are full of sensitive content. The content is always far away from reality so some hate advertisements.

Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements?

No they do not buy after watching an advertisement but they are encouraged to buy. When everyone wants that product they remember the advertisement and feel related so it has an effect to some extent on buying behaviour of people.

Is music useful in advertising?

Absolutely some advertisements are entertaining and they have wonderful content. It makes the content stand out from the rest and maks it more appealing for the audience.So,music is an integral part of advertisements.

What are the advantages of TV advertisements? How about internet advertisements?

TV commericals can be quite informative.One can come to know about the latest products that are launched in the market or can also know about the alternatives of a product.In addition, it is also a main source of revenue for the TV channels and help them to sustain their business.

 Where usually do we see adverts?

We see advertisements everywhere beginning with newspapers, fliers, television, internet, movies and social media. Advertisements are flooded where the audience is available.

Are there any advertisements at school?

Well, marketing has permeated every aspect of education. To increase sales, businesses that manufacture golf clubs, foodservice establishments, and publications make no effort to advertise their goods in academic system.

Are there some inappropriate adverts, like that of a condom?

No advertisement of a condom is not inappropriate.In fact, it spreads awareness in people about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Only nudity should be controlled in such advertisements.

Why does the government allow such ads?

Government has very little control in the free market. They only control content which is offensive, sensitive and other advertisements are telecasted freely in the audience.

Do you think it is bad for children?

Yes, today to grab the attention of the audience, advertisement makers use cheap slang, weird colors and clothes, nudity is also promoted which has very negative effects on immature children.

Do parents complain about it?

Parents cannot complain about this because it occurs with the necessary consent and authorization. Only they can educate kids about such content and keep them away.


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